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Intensity of Training

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Too often, martial artists, even the good ones, train without giving a thought to the fact that they are substantially transforming themselves in the course of their training. Every thing you do matters. Every repetition is a transforming event. I always taught that “Practice is not mere repetition, but an attempt to make each repetition better than the last.” It doesn’t matter if it is a pushup, a punch or a stance, give a sincere effort to make it your lifetime best. Bruce Lee also warned about training in fine movements when you are too fatigued to do them well. He knew that sloppy movements would make him a sloppy person. That was not something he would tolerate. And neither should we.


One of the Dragons was given the name Macefist, or, better said, he earned the name. And he told me something the other day that revealed how he punches harder than anyone I have ever seen. He said, “I took your teaching to heart. Every time I ever hit the pearls, I tried to make that punch better than any other punch I had ever delivered.”

And there you have it. BOOM! The best puncher got there by following one simple principle.

The principles matter. Practice matters. Training matters. Train for perfection or you are training for failure.








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