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From the Hand to the Mind

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We start out learning to block, maneuver, punch and kick, and thinking we have it together mentally and spiritually. It takes years of hard work, disappointments, setbacks and getting the heck knocked out of us, along with the better examples of senior students and the patient guidance of our Masters for us to finally realize that the punching and kicking is the least important part of it all. It starts with the base and physical things, but progresses, as it must if it is right, to the higher spiritual and mental things.


Any immoral thug can learn to kick and punch effectively. But he is exactly what nobody needs or wants around. A warrior, on the other hand, is a benefit to everyone around him, and a terror to the thug.


Master Hao is right. Go ahead and start with the hand, but you must ultimately discipline your mind if you are to become something greater.








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