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This Year? No. This DAY!

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You can eat a meal’s worth of food in one sitting. You have control over it. But you can’t sit down and eat a year’s worth of food.


So why try to decide what you will do “this year” if you haven’t even gained control over this day? Your mind cannot fathom the time frame of even a week in any real way, so what makes you think you can wrap your mind around what you will do in a year.


The point is this: You are not going to arrange your tasks for a year, a month or even a week, but you can organize THIS DAY and live it well, just as you can sit down and eat a meal, but cannot sit down and eat a week’s worth of food.


Concentrate on what you can handle and handle it well. Let go of grandiose plans that will do nothing more than frustrate you. You may keep goals for a week or a month or a year, but those goals are all accomplished in short steps of many days, one at a time. So live today to the fullest and make each day a great day that you can be happy with and proud of.


If you plan to do “more practicing this year”… you are SO likely to fail. Practice more TODAY. Don’t talk about tomorrow; it’s not yours yet. Today is yours. Make it a great day. When tomorrow comes to you then it will be today and you can again make THIS a great day.


Keep that up every TODAY and you will have a great life filled with great years, great months and great weeks, because they will all be filled with GREAT DAYS.









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