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A Good Teacher

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Teaching a Martial Art is a matter of setting up conditions to enable positive changes in a student’s ability. There are many ways of doing this and not one of them is appropriate to every student.


Teaching is about the student. It’s not about the teacher. I would be doing my students a grave disservice if I were to ever try to teach them to me me. (Lordy! I’m still trying to get being me right. Why would I ever thrust that burden onto another human being?) The problem is that too many teachers make the mistake of teaching everyone to do it their way instead of the way.


The best fighting systems were designed by men who were humble and wise enough to know that their way was not the best way for everyone. So those systems were designed to produce the necessary positive changes in the widest range of persons. It’s up to the student to adapt the style to himself and himself to the style according to the guidance of his teachers and within the logical parameters of the system.


If a teacher tells you to do something because that’s how he does it, and offers no better explanation than that; flee from him as if from a burning building! He doesn’t know what he is doing and has nothing more than his own self-interest in mind.



A good teacher will guide you on your path within the greater parameters of the path; respecting and protecting both as best he can. His interest is in your progress according to your own personal needs, not in remaking others in his image.










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