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The Best Preparation

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Whatever art you study there will be a large core of, “Against this, do this,” training. It is an essential element of any good martial art, but too many people think they have to have a ready, prepackaged answer to every possible fighting question that could be raised against them in all of reality. Worse yet is the common belief that their system contains all the answers to the infinite questions that could arise.


The core truth is this: By learning what you are taught and dealing with a finite set of hypothetical, “Against this, do this,” scenarios, you are supposed to transform into a warrior, an intelligent and adaptable man of virtue, so that you BECOME the live and flowing answer to the infinite questions, at least for your life. But if you ever forsake the simple, “Against this, do this,” type of training, especially in the beginning, then you will gain nothing at all.


Here is the secret you might not have realized: It is this way in any good study, whether it is martial arts or not. What you learn in one field, if it is good, can be applied to most others.


In the end: It is the virtues that studying and training builds within you that give you all the power you need to be successful in fighting and in life, just as common vices would keep you weak and open to ultimate defeat.









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