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Why Well Begun is Half Done

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The idea of training is to make progress toward some goal of ability. Having to stop or go backward to correct mistakes made in the beginning is a waste of your precious time that could be better used moving forward. And, if your mistakes become well-entrenched by long practice, not only is that practice time wasted, but it is going to take a lot more time to remove that ingrained mistake from your being.


Get it as right as you can in the critical beginning stages. Build a good foundation on which to build; for it is yourself that you are building, and that is worth getting right. Don’t make the mistake of wanting to go too fast and get ahead of others. Your true struggle is against your own flaws and weaknesses. Ask questions of your good teachers and pay attention to what they tell you. Start out right and be steady in the long Path. As they say; Well begun is half done.









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