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An Example for Everyone

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In his first act as a member of their forming brotherhood, Chu Jeng sets himself to the noble goal of making his efforts into a positive example to all his brothers.


This youngest and smallest of the brothers of the quest did this not out of pride, but from a pure and innocent desire to pass on the hard-core teachings and ways of his beloved Master Kanoh Feng.


How often are we inspired, moved or even chastened by the honest and innocent examples set by the least among us? Even our dogs are often an example of better humanity! Have you ever met a person as loving, trusting and forgiving as a dog? Not likely. The fact is that everything you do and say, or fail to do, is an example, for good or ill, to everyone around you. It's a truth from which you cannot escape. So, are you going to drag your people down by your poor example, or are you going to build them up with your good example?


It's a very important thing to consider. We are either good examples or not. There is no third choice.

"You cannot escape being an example to others."
-Michael Richardson - Dragon of Lung Tong









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