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The Gaming Arena Is Not the Battlefield

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(This article is not about those who peacefully and humbly study for the gaming arena while not mistaking it for the life and death fights on the street.)



There is a saying, "Only the fool mistakes the gaming arena for the battlefield."


Harsh, perhaps, but true. Do you think nobody would ever make such a mistake? Think again. Many do. They can't help it. Their teachers tell them untrue things like, "All fights go to the ground."


Well, in every fight I have gotten into on the street, somebody went to the ground... unconscious... and it was never me. I don't train for the gaming and grappling arena. There are no rules but the constraints of morality when I am forced to fight. And I'm not fool enough to think my enemy is constrained by the same moral/ethical rules I live by. I will do only what is necessary to win and all that is necessary to win, but I do not intend to game and grapple.


So why would somebody mistake the gaming arena, with all its safety rules, for an anything-goes fight on the street? There are many reasons, and none of them are good or rational. What is "provable" in the arena is, by definition, not deadly. It's a game. Its rules are designed to make it NOT deadly and not decisive. It is supposed to take a long time and to entertain the spectators. That's not what I want to do in a fight for my life. I’m not playing games. Wind Fist Kung Fu is not for playing games.


Let me emphasize the point: If a style is truly destructive, decisive and deadly, then there is no way you can prove that in any contest that is legal and moral. To prove it on another person, for the sake of proving it, would land you in prison and risk your soul landing in hell.


The gaming arena doesn't interest me. Grappling doesn't interest me. MMA doesn't interest me. Cage fighting doesn't interest me. Why? Because I am not interested in playing games or proving anything to anyone. I'm not interested in the artificial. I'm not interested in hurting another human being, or risking my own body, for the sake of pride or money. I am interested in the perfecting of my own skill and my own person. I want virtue, and pride is not a virtue. Neither is greed. Neither is lack of concern for another person's life and limb.


That is why I practice and teach Wind Fist Kung Fu.










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