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There's Nothing Like a Sweet Surprise

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Everyone loves a surprise, unless it's like the painful surprise a bad man would get accosting one of these ladies:


The first is this mystery woman caught on security video taking care of three violent jerk customers in a restaurant.



LOL! I love it! She doesn't even need to drop her umbrella to take them out. Fights one-handed and leaves them wondering who they are.








And then there is this lady, Rhonda, who loves to throw men to the floor. She is very good at what she does. Notice how she gets under them and lifts them. A woman's power is in her legs, and she knows exactly how to use them. She also tends to drop her weight on them as they fall, which is very painful, believe me.










And last, but not least, these wonderful women who had to do something to protect their orphanage from marauding creeps.



Gotta LOVE IT!









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