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Quid est, est!

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The entire western world has gone stark raving mad, to the point that it says of anyone who is not stark raving mad that they are stark raving mad.


What is, is!

I simply cannot understand how anybody can fail to see the value of this truth. And it is more than a truth, it's a discipline and order of the mind. Without the ability to recognize that THERE IS A REALITY beyond our limited understanding is insane. It's a serious disorder. We must conform our minds to reality, and not to our wishes and whims, because we have to deal with what actually is.


Our words are not magical spells that can change a thing into something else just because we wish it was something else. Want proof of that? Just think of how crazed and unstable the world would be if people had such powers.


Think about it.


It's obviously not true that a person can change what anything is just because they want it to be different or say it is different. A white lady is not a black lady. A man is not a woman trapped in a man's body, even if that body is mutilated by surgery and injected with hormones from the opposite sex. A tree is not a goat, even if you carve it to look like one.


If we cannot settle on terms that best represent a reality beyond our wishes, then there is no reason to ever talk to anyone. We might as well stand in the forest drooling and cross-eyed, while babbling to a tree/goat/quazar thingy... if it really IS a forest and not a padded room where we would actually belong.









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