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Chu Jeng - Book One of The Dragons of Wulin

Whether you are an athlete or a martial artist looking for the inspiration to rocket you forward or just looking for the gateway to a new adventure, The Story of Chu Jeng is your ticket. Inspiring selected martial artists and other readers from around the world for more than a decade, this book is finally available to you.

Once restricted to the members of a secretive fighting society called Lung Tong, The traditional Story of Chu Jeng now makes available to you many of the powerful fighting principles, practice methods and philosophies of their mystical Way of the Dragon. Nobody reads this story and remains the same.

Tenju Gen - Book Two of The Dragons of Wulin

Following the exciting Story of Chu Jeng; Tenju Gen - The Forest Mist, recounts the mystical tale of the secretive white dragon of Lung Tong and his journey to learn a mysterious fighting art to protect Sanjurra village. Every bit as philosophical as Chu Jeng is down to earth, Tenju Gen will leave your mind flying through the possibilities for a greater life of your own... and thirsting to read it again and again.


Rume Lak- Book Three of The Dragons of Wulin

In this exciting sequel to Tenju Gen, follow the young man on his quest to learn a fighting art to save his village from marauding bandits. Meet the legendary Monkey King and learn the secrets of the Iron Monkey style and its powerful influence on Wind Fist Kung Fu and the secretive Dragons of Lung Tong.

More than just an amazing page-turner, the unique philosophies and powerful training techniques in Rume Lak take off where Chu Jeng and Tenju Gen left off and raise the possibilities for every martial artist or athlete to unimaginable heights. Like the two before it, this book is a must for every serious martial artist who wants to improve his performance.

 Han Erh - Book Four of The Dragons of Wulin

 Travel with Han Erh on his quest to the Southern Dragon Military Academy of the Tardor Imperial Army. Find out how the hardcore leadership and military training developed him to become a great prince among the legendary Dragons of Lung Tong.

The Lung Tong training secrets and moral philosophies revealed in this book can be found nowhere else.


Torin Feng - Book Five of The Dragons of Wulin

One of the smallest men of the fabled Sanjurra Quest, Torin Feng travels south to learn the lightning fast and deadly movements of the Praying Mantis system with a secretive school at war with another fighting society. No book on earth details the ways of speed as this one does.

In this amazing story you will learn about the Eight Aspects of Speed and ways to improve your performance in ANY sport, especially if your sport is one of the martial arts.



Senya Dain - Book Six of The Dragons of Wulin

Containing even more of our philosophies and unique and powerful practice methods, the Story of Senya Dain also happens to be the most violent and action-packed of the seventeen stories. Dain finds himself swept up into a bloody Tong war and the accelerated training methods his Tong brothers use to bring him to a fighting level as quickly as possible. As the theme of the book implies, his Tong has him "training for life and death on the street, not games or play acting."

In reading this book you will come to understand, as did Senya Dain, the difference between the battlefield and the gaming arena and the finality of life and death that understanding brings to those who know... and to those who do not.

Gis Erh - Book Seven of The Dragons of Wulin

Of all the Seventeen Dragons, Gis Erh was the most sudden and furious in his attacks. He studied the Leopard system and the straight saber under an amazing and enigmatic Master, who was both foreign and one of his own Hahn people. Take the journey with him as his quest overlaps that of Senya Dain in the troubled Capitol city of the Empire. Learn the mysterious and powerful Ceremony of the Warrior and what it did to make him the man of action and high spirits that he became.

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